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Paula Hill

Paula Hill is president of International Church of God Women's Ministries and wife of General Overseer Timothy M. Hill.


Covenant Ministry Teams

Peggy Culpepper

  • Diane Morgan - Arkansas
  • Patricia Charles - Caribbean
  • Vicki Abbott - Hawaii
  • Teresa Holder - Heartland Region
  • Wanda Rabon - Kentucky
  • Teri Moody - Mississippi
  • Lettie Cannon - New Jersey
  • Joy Claypoole - New Mexico
  • Karen Smith - New York
  • Paula de la Garza - North Western Hispanic
  • Jan Jarvis - Rocky Mountain Region
  • Jody Cushman - New England Northern
  • Nancy Tapley - SW Indian Ministries
  • Wendy Corder - Tennessee
  • Rhonda Brown - Texas

Joyce Stephens

  • Debbie Thomas - Africa
  • Ora Hart - Alabama
  • Dorette Walker - Canada Ontario
  • Nicole Houle - Canada-Quebec Maritimes
  • Connie Hasmatali - Canada-Western
  • Marsha Rice - Delmarva-DC
  • Lori Lewis - Georgia-South
  • Letha Whitter - Illinois
  • Lorna Gosnell - Indiana
  • Patty Moore - Ministry to the Military
  • Sonja Kemp - North Central Region
  • Joy Lane - Romanian Territory
  • Betzaida Marcial - Southeastern Hispanic Region
  • Yvette Santana - Southwestern Hispanic Region
  • Betty Mirkovich - Virginia
  • Ruth Hampton - West Virginia

Debbie Childers

  • Shyrel O' Neal - Arizona
  • Janice Darnell - Europe
  • Maribel Morales de Munguia - East Central Hispanic Region
  • Debbie Ivester - Florida-Tampa
  • Roshelle Martin - Great Lakes
  • Glenda Shuler - Louisiana
  • Tammie Box - Michigan
  • Linette Watson - Minnesota
  • Jessica Powell - Missouri
  • Sara Ramos - New England Hispanic Region
  • Judy Page - North Carolina Eastern
  • Trish Bell - North Carolina Western
  • Jennie Garcia - Northeastern Hispanic Region
  • Kathy Cooper - Pennsylvania

Fernanda Ramirez

  • Jan Wright - Alaska
  • Alice Fischer - California Nevada
  • Millicent Pelt - Florida-Cocoa
  • Charla Madden - Georgia-North
  • Xiomara Collins - Latin America
  • Jean Perkins - Midland Region
  • Janice Hill - New England Southern
  • Elba Navas - North Central Hispanic Region
  • Donna Higgins - Ohio
  • Barbara Mathews - Pacific Northwest Region
  • Cathy Gillum - South Carolina
  • Dora Burgueño - South Central Hispanic Region
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Women with a mission


Cota is a city located in Colombia in the Central Savanna Province. It was founded November 29, 1604. The population for the town and surrounding areas is 24,916 when the last census was taken in 2015.

Colombia has been a country at war for over 50 years. Because of the war, many are abused, displaced by violence, orphaned and at high risk. There are young women that find themselves on the streets of Bogotá with no hope of a better life. They are prostituted out for money and suffer many abuses and are separated from their children.

We can provide a place for them to live and be protected, taught job skills, be educated, and release hope into their lives. When we become God’s hands in releasing hope, these young women won’t have to rely on prostitution for their next meal. They won’t have to sell their bodies for a roof over their heads. They won’t have to be separated from their children.

We have the opportunity to see Hope Released for these young women. Mark 12:30-31 says, “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment. And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

The Project: Provisión de Amor Safe House

Rosalba Pérez Gómez, General Director, opened the Asociación Jireh Provisión de Amor safe house as an answer to many small girls who were orphaned as a result of death, abuse, neglect and abandonment. Many of the girls had been sexually abused and molested as a result of sex trades exploitation of children in South America. The testimonies of the girls who have experienced love within the walls of the Provisión de Amor are heart-wrenching. As you grow to understand their backgrounds and testimonies you understand that they were literally grasped from the hands of those who would exploit and abuse them.

Provisión de Amor provides a wonderful loving environment in a beautiful setting on a hillside in Cota. Girls have passed through the program and moved on to higher education and vocational opportunities, some ranking in the top 10 percentile within the country, and receiving scholarships to prestigious schools in Colombia.

The girls at Provisión de Amor shower with cold water everyday. You do not hear them complaining, however, because they feel so blessed to be where they are. Rosalba has proven that her ministry method of restoring, loving, and providing, works.

Circles of Hope Initiative

Sister Rosalba’s vision for the future is to provide a permanent location for the school she operates, currently hosting over 270 students; to furnish the school’s 21 classrooms with desks, boards, iPads, and computers for the technology lab; to build a safe house for boys; to update and remodel the safe house for girls; and to provide a safe protection home for young women and mothers.

It will take over $900,000 to see this vision completed. We believe it can be done by Women’s Ministries, Youth and Discipleship, and Girls Ministries joining hearts and hands together for the first time ever.

Women’s Ministries Challenge: $500,000 Goal

Women with a Mission will take on the challenge of . . .

* $350,000 to build a protection home for young women and mothers

* $150,000 for classroom furnishings

Part of the classroom furnishings will go toward iPads and computers for two technology labs, desks for 21 classrooms that will hold 30 students, and other teaching tools for the classroom.

Release what you have in your hand and heart and see Hope Released in the lives of hundreds.

Please direct all correspondence and donations to:

Women’s Ministries
Hope Released Project
P.O. Box  2430
Cleveland, TN  37320-2430

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WOMEN IN Ministry

Lady%20Pelt[1] 2011.jpg

Lady Millicent M. Pelt

A faithful servant in ministry, Lady Millicent joined her husband, Bishop Anthony T. Pelt, in faith and obedience to plant and organize Radiant Living Worship Center in August 2004 … a ministry established to help people shine and soar to the glory of God. She is the executive director of W.O.W. (Women of Wisdom), a ministry that equips, elevates, and empowers women to walk in wisdom throughout every area of their lives. To her honor, Lady Millicent currently serves as the Florida-Cocoa Church of God State Women’s Ministries Coordinator. 


Janice A. Hill

Evangelist Hill is an ordained, licensed minister with the Church of God Cleveland, Tenn.; and ministers the Word of God with a prophetic anointing.  Her first solo project entitled, Worthy To Be Praised, ushers in the presence of the Lord while her new project, It’s All For You, reflects the life of which she sings.  Everything she does is for the Lord—it is truly all about Him.

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