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International women's ministries







Paula Hill

Paula Hill is president of International Church of God Women's Ministries and wife of General Overseer Timothy M. Hill.


Covenant Ministry Teams

Peggy Culpepper

  • Joy Claypoole - Arkansas

  • Patricia Charles - Caribbean

  • Jan Jarvis - Heartland Region

  • Alice Fisher - Kentucky

  • Glenda Shuler - Mississippi

  • Lorna Burch - New Jersey

  • Diann Binion - New Mexico

  • Karen Smith - New York

  • Paula de la Garza - North Western Hispanic

  • Charissa Smith - Rocky Mountain Region

  • Sonja White - New England Northern

  • Nancy Tapley - SW Indian Ministries

  • Shelly Dority - Tennessee

  • Diane Morgan - Texas

Joyce Stephens

  • Debbie Thomas - Africa

  • Ora Hart - Alabama

  • Debbie Ivester - Canada Vision 20/20

  • Dorette Walker - Canada Ontario

  • Teresa Holder - Delmarva-DC

  • Lori Lewis - Georgia-South

  • Letha Whitter - Illinois

  • Lorna Gosnell - Indiana

  • Patty Moore - Ministry to the Military

  • Sonja Kemp - North Central Region

  • Joy Lane - Romanian Territory

  • Xiomara Collins - Southeastern Hispanic Region

  • Yvette Santana - Southwestern Hispanic Region

  • Betty Mirkovich - Virginia

  • Ruth Hampton - West Virginia


Debbie Childers

  • Abigail Hughes - Arizona

  • Connie Hasmatali - Canada-Western

  • Janice Darnell - Europe

  • Maribel Morales de Munguia - East Central Hispanic Region

  • Rhonda Brown - Florida-Tampa

  • Jodi Cushman - Great Lakes

  • Vicki Abbott - Hawaii

  • Jean Perkins - Louisiana

  • Tammie Box - Michigan

  • Linette Watson - Minnesota

  • Jessica Powell - Missouri

  • Sara Ramos - New England Hispanic Region

  • Judy Page - North Carolina Eastern

  • Trish Bell - North Carolina Western

  • Jennie Garcia - Northeastern Hispanic Region

  • Kathy Cooper - Pennsylvania

Fernanda Ramirez

  • Jan Wright - Alaska

  • Shyrel O’Neal - California Nevada

  • Millicent Pelt - Florida-Cocoa

  • Nicole Houle - Canada-Quebec Maritimes

  • Charla Madden - Georgia-North

  • Betzaida Marcial - Latin America

  • Marcia Stigile - Midland Region

  • Janice Hill - New England Southern

  • Mareleney Rodriguez - North Central Hispanic Region

  • Roshelle Martin - Ohio

  • Barbara Mathews - Pacific Northwest Region

  • Wanda Rabon - South Carolina

  • Dora Burgueño - South Central Hispanic Region

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Women with a mission

For more than 21 years, City of Refuge has been bringing light, hope, and transformation to individuals, families, and communities in crisis by providing services such as housing, medical care, parenting, financial classes, and vocational training. City of Refuge has developed a process in which personal responsibility and resource provision result in a radical life-change.

In 2011, as a result of a dramatic encounter with a survivor, City of Refuge began to engage in anti-trafficking efforts for those who have experienced trafficking, exploitation, or a life in the adult entertainment industry. Over the past nearly five years, the program known as the “House of Cherith” has received 670 women and walked the road of recovery with them. In addition to the services provided all clients in crisis, House of Cherith also provides trauma-informed care, licensed social workers, and clinicians to assist the ladies on their journeys.

To date, House of Cherith has only been able to serve adult women without children or without children in their care. Separating mothers from their children while the mother receives the care she needs is heartbreaking and detrimental to both mother and child. Very few homes are available in the United States to serve this population, and we feel strongly compelled to address this issue.

In partnership with Church of God Women Ministries, House of Cherith will undertake this critical lack of housing for mothers and children with the purchase of a home, or homes, that will provide long-term recuperative care for both mother and children, many of whom will have been exploited or certainly exposed to inappropriate sexual behavior. This home will be the first of its kind launched by House of Cherith, City of Refuge, and the Church of God, and will provide a model for organizations around the country that work to confront the trafficking issue.

Together, we can provide a place of refuge, healing, and restoration for many, many mothers and children. With God’s help, we will change the future of generations to come!

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Please direct all correspondence and donations to:

Women’s Ministries
House of Cherith Project
P.O. Box  2430
Cleveland, TN  37320-2430

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WOMEN IN Ministry


Wanda L. Griffith


Wanda was a Lee Academy graduate and received a B.A. from Tennessee Wesleyan in Athens, Tennessee, later obtaining her Master’s from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. She was employed as registrar in 1961 at Lee University where she served 29 years. Wanda’s greatest ministry influence were the over 16 years she worked at the Church of God Publishing House and Pathway Press.

Roberts, Mildred Anna Poitier 300 dpi.jpg

Rev. Dr. Mildred Anna Poitier Roberts


Mildred Anna Poitier was the second child and eldest daughter born to the late Bishop and Mrs. Harcourt Garfield Poitier. As a child, Mildred learned many chapters and verses of the Bible, and this training would significantly shape her entire life.

In 2001, Reverends Ernest and Mildred Roberts became the founders and senior pastors of International Prayer Village Ministries, a non-denominational church that endeavors to fulfill the "Great Commission." Later, Ernest and Mildred entered Evangelical Theological Seminary and earned their doctorate degrees in Religious Education. Their conviction was: “Man operates in time, God operates in eternity.”

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Dee Raff

Administrative Assistant

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Susana Góngora

Executive Secretary


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